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Comments & Results:
Exam Prep Class & Crash Course
Hi Alan, I received my results today. I
passed all three examinations, Thank you
very much for your help in preparing me
for these exams. All your sections were
very interesting and
I am happy to be a
part of your group.
See you soon for
the upcoming seminars and CE classes.
I have to say that there was no way I could
have passed all 3 exams first shot without
your class.
Great class. Great game
I would absolutely recommend this
course to anyone who thinks they know
the code. Licensed or not. Thanks for all
the help!
Alan, I received my grades yesterday.I passed all 3
I definitely wouldn't have done it without
your prep course.
It was very helpful and insightful. I
learned quite a lot and your advice really helped to
prepare me. I will recommend you without a doubt.I
would make the longer drive to your continuing
education courses. It was well worth it. Thank you.  
Alan, I want to take this time to thank you for your help
with this exam. I have taken a lot of electrical
contractors exams, for different states, and this was
the one I thought I would never pass. With your help,
as you can see, not only did I pass, but
all my scores
were all in the 90s.
Again thank you, and I would
recommend this class to anyone taking the NJ
Electrical Contractors exam.
- PASSED! Thank you for all your
help.  The material covered in class
was on the money and it was a
tremendous help - it prepared me well.  
Your teaching style was easy to
listen to, organized and thorough.
" Index, index ,index," which you
emphasized, was a crucial skill for
passing the exam.  I'd like to get my
continuing education credits with you.  
Alan, I received my grades today and I am happy to
report that I passed each part.
Your Crash Course was
a tremendous boost in the end
because you gave me
the tools to find the answers to the questions quickly.
Thank you so much
    - T.S.
Alan, I just received my results, I passed all three tests.  
Higher scores than I had anticipated. I am very
pleased with these results. Especially as first timer. It is
my opinion I would not have passed the business without
your crash course on Sunday night. Again, thanks for
your expertise.
Alan, I got my results and thanks to your classes, the yellow book and God, I passes all 3.  
Thank you so much for what you do.  You truly are a gifted teacher.  
I have never in my life put my nose in a book, but that yellow book was a huge factor in
passing.  Will recommend your classes to everyone.  Thanks again.
Alan, I passed every section of exam  Thank you for all the help. Would have had no chance at all without your prep course. After I
took each test that day I was pretty sure I passed each one. I actually thought it was pretty easy and didn't even have to look at the book for
most answers because of your course. Thanks,
Alan -  I was very nervous about the test until I started taking your class. I truly believe
that without your class I would be looking at taking the test again. Your class was very
gave me the confidence that I needed for the test. Your class was
without a doubt the best money I spent getting ready for my exam. I really can not thank
you enough. I look forward to attending your continuing education courses for many
years to come.   
I Passed
More than 1/2 of all new NJ licensees in
2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 took Exam Prep with us!
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